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Lazarony: GLOW With Your Hands initiative another tool for workforce opportunities

The GLOW Workforce Development Board is expanding an initiative from our colleagues from the Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board targeting the youth in our community beginning with students in 8th grade and in high school. This initiative – GLOW With Your Hands – has been well-publicized and talked about over the last several weeks.

From a workforce development perspective, our goal is to connect youth to jobs they can do with their hands by introducing them to employment and career opportunities in the skilled trades, advanced manufacturing and agriculture.

Our mission is to help displaced workers and those who might be unemployed or underemployed find a job through various resources as well as training programs and services. We have several partners in the region that we work with to fulfill our mission. In this instance, we are introducing the youth in our four-county region to companies who need to fill jobs now and in future years.

While our organization provides job training programs for youth such as a job shadowing, the GLOW With Your Hands initiative will bring over 1,000 students together to learn and see first-hand the jobs that companies across the region are looking to fill.

There also will be opportunities for students to learn about the skilled trades such as welding which is an employment sector where there is a huge demand. Entry level compensation for a welder is estimated to be in the range of $60,000 plus benefits. The fact is that there are good paying jobs across the region that students simply are not aware of. It should be noted that out of school youth, which is another segment of the workforce that we provide assistance to, also can explore these employment opportunities.

In short, companies across the region are in need of workers and these companies are willing to assist in the training of these workers so they have the necessary skills to be productive members of the workforce. The latter also is critically important in bringing new jobs and investment to our community by our economic development partners.

The GLOW Workforce Development Board is extremely excited to be part of the GLOW With Your Hands initiative. It is our hope that this annual event becomes something that our youth will want to attend as they explore career opportunities that perhaps many simply were not aware of in the GLOW region..

GLOW With Your Hands provides us with another tool in the tool box to help residents in the region find good paying jobs!

- Jay Lazarony is executive director of the GLOW Workforce Development Board.


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