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GLOW With Your Hands Hosts "Night at the Ballpark"

BATAVIA – GLOW With Your Hands is hosting a “Night at the Ballpark” in conjunction with the Batavia Muckdogs on Friday, July 29th at 7 PM. Participating companies and businesses from GLOW Region will be in attendance to showcase activities that will be on display at the 3rd annual GLOW With Your Hands event on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at the Genesee County Fairgrounds.

GLOW With Your Hands Committee members will be on site to share information, giveaways, and assist with hands-on activities during the game.

Among the vendors attending and the activities they are promoting include:

• Allegheny Farms: Heavy Equipment Display • Bricklayers and Allied Contractors Local #3: Brick Wall Activity • Summit Street Physical Therapy: Demonstrations • Genesee Valley BOCES: Clean Hands Activity • Transfer VR: Virtual Reality Career Exploration

“We invite all of our past and future GLOW With Your Hands participants and our entire GLOW community to join us for both a great game and the opportunity to see some of what makes our event so impactful,” said GLOW Workforce Development Board Executive Director, Jay Lazarony. “We also hope the event at the ballpark will generate more interest among businesses and companies to join us at this year’s event.”

“We want to provide the best day possible on September 27th for GLOW region students by having high quality vendor activities in order to create a fun, educational, learning environment,” said GLOW With Your Hands Co-Chair, Chris Suozzi. “The hundreds of students who will be attending GLOW With Your Hands are the next generation of skilled laborers and professionals, and we are confident that based on the past success of the previous events that area companies will find well-qualified and highly trainable candidates for employment.”


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